Tuesday, April 17, 2012

India: "miracle" unmasked, believers applied

Blasphemy allegations, ads and warrant to disenchantment with apparent surprise in a Catholic temple.

Religion - The Indian civil rights Sanal Edamaruku, president of the Indian Rationalist Association , sees itself now "blasphemy" charges exposed. They say he could be arrested at any moment. The reason: He recently revealed a "miracle" in the supposedly holy water from the foot of a crucifix in front of the statue of the Roman Catholic "Basilica of Our Lady of Velankanni good" dripping. The temple near the southern tip of India, a so-called apparitions is dedicated to is called the "Lourdes of the East" and is visited annually by more than two million pilgrims.

Before long while, sometimes a little water from the foot began to drip the Jesus statue. The news spread like wildfire among the population and thousands of believers made pilgrimages to the Basilica, at this point of view of their "sacred liquid" collected in containers.

Sanal Edamaruku finally demystified the supposed miracle in mid-March 2012 in full public view, in which he demonstrated in front of TV cameras, a leak in the sewer system as the cause. Through the capillary effect, the water got into the character, which is then exited at another point. A big disappointment for the faithful, but an even bigger for the representatives of the Church.

Controversial and sensitive it was, as Sanal Edamaruku put on television during a discussion with three Catholic church leaders alleged that the church is the invention of "miracles" and pursuing markets also through massive PR campaigns. The church leaders called for Edamaruku to suggest to retract his statements and apologize. This, however, remained in his position, after which the believers so that it threatened to denounce him for "blasphemy". .

For this purpose it has come too, because so far, three lawsuits against Sanal Edamaruku be received at various police stations, aiming at his conviction under the Indian Penal Code. Two days ago, received Sanal Edamaruku a corresponding call in which he urged the police to the show, so that he may be confronted with the allegations and arrested. Rationalist International has now, therefore, the lawyers and human rights experts ND Pancholi responsible for its defense. More information about the case, the website of Rationalist International are available

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