Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sanal Edamaruku on Catholic "miracles"
Salim Fadhley's interview with Sanal Edamaruku

The Catholic Church is famous for it’s preposterous fabricated miracles. The church has an interest in promoting innumerable bones of saints with allegedly curative properties, mystical shrouds and apparitions of the blessed virgin mary - they confer a sense of spiritual authority upon the church and help raise funds.

While the Church in Europe is not quite as money-grubbing as it once was - it’s evolved into a sort of anti-women’s rights orgaization that mostly disapproves of child sexual abuse. The Indian catholic church seems to find miracles just about everywhere.

Sanal Edamuruku, president of the Indian Rationalist association was recently asked to investigate one such miracle - I began by asking him how he came to be inspecting a Catholic church in Bombay in March of this year...

The various legal actions targeted at Sanal are intended to bankrupt his organization and silence his dissenting voice. The Indian Rationalist association is raising money to defend Sanal from this criminal action. We’ve put a link in our show-notes in case you want to find our more or donate to the appeal fund.

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