Wednesday, May 5, 2010

James Randi writes in response to The Times of India article.

Here is a letter from James Randi, one of my heroes, in response to my Times of India article "Chicken Bones and Black Magic cannot harm you". 
- Sanal Edamaruku

James Randi

"Sanal has done it again, reinforcing the fact that India - as well as my own country! - needs to recognize that such superstitions belong in medieval days, not here in the 21st century. I salute his efforts, and would only like to point out that the only creatures that need fear the efforts of the babas are the chickens whose bones are such an important factor in this comedy of errors. I join this teacher in urging everyone to wake up and see the light of rationality and reason." - James Randi

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Viswanath said...

Hi Sanal,

Good work and keep it up till India wakes up. I wrote to you about the "Water (tears)oozing st.Mary's picture" in Katachira - Kerala. I think you should take up the matter as you yourself are from Kerala !! Those guys are making money by selling this solution in bottles as holy water to cure all deceases. You must have seen this in "youtube" ?